Best regards from the EuRAD-2019 in Paris

Best regards from the Radar-2019 in Toulon!

Starting new academic year – the Evolution of Education…

Nice summer day

Under the Sun (PARSAX measures the chimney)


This year the International Specialist Meeting “Electromagnetic Waves and Wind Turbines 2019” that will take place in Toulouse on December 5-6 –

Our picknick

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After the seminar…

After the seminar

Photo-report from Nikita’s defence

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MS3 Seminar took place on “Wind Turbine Clutter Impact on the ARM Radar Program”

We hosted Dr. Bradley (Brad) Isom from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Dr. Isom described the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) radar program, discussed the impacts of wind turbines on the ARM radar data, and presented opportunities for potential clutter identification and mitigation studies.

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Rotterdam Rain Radar

New video and an article about RainGain radar in Rotterdam