In case of fire…

Rohde & Schwarz eGuide: Radar and Electronic Warfare

Our formed MSc student Marc Vizcarro i Carretero, who is working now as an Antenna Design Engineer in the Active and Passive Antenna Engineering at HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, Ulm, Germany send us this eGuide:

This pocket guide brings great memories from my studies with you! Enjoy and hope I can see you soon.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Latex table generator from Python/Matlab/Excel

Dear all,
if you need to generate a table to LATEX generator, perhaps for your thesis, paper, etc.

 There are a few simple ways:

Cheers and good luck.

Best regards,
Ronny Guendel

Happy 2023 Year!

Happy Holidays and a Radiant 2023!

Sunset from 20th floor

MS3 Summer Picnic

All Fools’ Day joke from the dutch weather

There is spring already…