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Latex table generator from Python/Matlab/Excel

Dear all,
if you need to generate a table to LATEX generator, perhaps for your thesis, paper, etc.

 There are a few simple ways:

Cheers and good luck.

Best regards,
Ronny Guendel

Happy Holidays and a Radiant 2023!

A few links for MSc students working on their literature review

I wrote down a few bullet points that might be useful for MSc students working on their literature review and I want to share them.

A few things that might be interesting for you as a student working on a literature review.

(1) Please don’t read the whole paper in detail.
Abstract, partly the introduction, conclusions, and have a look at figures – and if so, a few interesting sections, and
The links explain that nicely:

(2) make a literature-review-table such that you can (a) easily go back to the papers, (b) cite them quickly. Also, please think carefully about the columns of the table (methods, used radars, frequency bands, participants, classes in the dataset, etc. pp.).

(3) If you are writing: Please don’t make it fancy in the first instance — What do I mean? Don’t tweak word-by-word and stuck too long on certain paragraphs. Write the sections up; Then, tweak the paragraphs afterward, if you are sure that the section remains forever; sometimes paragraphs get changed or removed later, then all the final tweaks were useless.

Best regards,

Ronny Guendel

New video about NXP’s Automotive Radar based Complete System Solution

We are 16th in the university ranks worldwide

The World University Rankings by Subjects 2020, published today, places TU Delft high up in several disciplines. In our Electrical & Electronic Engineering discipline, we are 16th in the university ranks worldwide. Congratulations!

Raytheon Skyler Radar

Skyler is a surveillance platform for multiple missions built on a foundation of Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) hardware. Most operational radars make complete scan every 5 or 6 minutes. This radar is providing data every few seconds.

All you need is…

There is still some time for papers submission…

First publication in 2020

J. Overdevest, F. Jansen, F. Uysal and A. Yarovoy, “Doppler Influence on Waveform Orthogonality in 79 GHz MIMO Phase-Coded Automotive Radar,” in IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 69, no. 1, pp. 16-25, Jan. 2020. – doi: 10.1109/TVT.2019.2951632 – keywords: {Automotive radar;PMCW;binary sequences;waveform orthogonality;Doppler influences},

Congratulate authors!

The MS3 Master Market 2020

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