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In case of fire…

Rohde & Schwarz eGuide: Radar and Electronic Warfare

Our formed MSc student Marc Vizcarro i Carretero, who is working now as an Antenna Design Engineer in the Active and Passive Antenna Engineering at HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, Ulm, Germany send us this eGuide:

This pocket guide brings great memories from my studies with you! Enjoy and hope I can see you soon.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Latex table generator from Python/Matlab/Excel

Dear all,
if you need to generate a table to LATEX generator, perhaps for your thesis, paper, etc.

 There are a few simple ways:

Cheers and good luck.

Best regards,
Ronny Guendel

Happy Holidays and a Radiant 2023!

Sunset from 20th floor

All Fools’ Day joke from the dutch weather

There is spring already…

Final Lecture of the Radar I course

Book Multisensor Data Fusion and Machine Learning for Environmental Remote Sensing

Message from Ronny: I borrowed the book from the library and won’t use it the next time. In case, someone is interested in the topic the book will be with Francesco. Please feel free to pick it up and skim through it.

It is a nice book for people interested in sensor fusion, whereas not too technical, but with good references listed.  

Best, Ronny