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Nice summer day

Under the Sun (PARSAX measures the chimney)


This year the International Specialist Meeting “Electromagnetic Waves and Wind Turbines 2019” that will take place in Toulouse on December 5-6 –

Our picknick

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After the seminar…

After the seminar

Photo-report from Nikita’s defence

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Rotterdam Rain Radar

New video and an article about RainGain radar in Rotterdam
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Knowledge, Experience & Creativity

Crafting Your Article Introduction

The Authors@IEEE Newsletter in their October issue proposed a few useful tips for the crafting of your article Introduction.

A well-written introduction can convince a busy researcher to invest time in reading your article. Craft a better introduction by following these tips:

  • Structure your introduction like a funnel, moving from broad to narrow: start by identifying the broad area of a study, continue to a narrower focus on a literature review of your specific research area, and then to an even narrower focus on your specific research question
  • Include a comprehensive but concise literature review; provide enough information to establish a context for your work but avoid including studies that are only marginally relevant
  • Clearly state your research question and why it’s important to the field
  • Briefly explain your method for approaching the problem and why you chose that method

Best regards from the EuMW 2-17 in Nuremberg!

Best regards from the EuMW 2-17 in Nuremberg!

Best regards from the EuMW 2-17 in Nuremberg!

Rossiza Gourova presents her study of automotive radars performance degradation in rain

Rossiza Gourova presents her study of automotive radars performance degradation in rain

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Francois le Chevalier – Thanks a lot!

Dear friends,

Many thanks and warm gratitude to each of you for this superb day in Delft: with my wife Danièle, we have really been deeply moved, and admirative of the seamless organization, the quality and good humour of the presentations, the variety of persons, from the younger students – to which I owe a lot for so many good questions and lively discussions – to the … less young colleagues (but still younger than me – take care!), friends now!

Thanks to each of you, those who were there, and also to those who couldn’t come: these years shared between TU Delft and Thales are certainly my richest professional experience with human nature – and also the best part of my research! And those mornings in Delft, cycling along the canals – even when the weather was not …exactly Italian! – I will miss them, for sure…

Attached are several pictures selected by my wife – just a glimpse of so many exchanges and laughs! She especially appreciated the blue and yellow colours, Vermeer-style she tells me, of the ambiguity functions presented by Pascal. Also, the lifelines sketched by Nikita provide us with a … millenarist view of research achievements!

We will meet again, here or there – anyway, I need Delft from time to time, and there are conferences: Radar 2019 in Toulon, France! The splendid Delft-blue plate you offered me is on the wall, and my thoughts are with you: good health, open and creative thinking, human understanding and joined efforts – and perseverance!

Sincerely, I wish you the best

Francois Le Chevalier
Emeritus Professor, Radar Systems Engineering, TU Delft;
Chief Scientist (retired), Thales Land & Air Systems;
SEE, Président du Comité des Grades.